Founded in 1981 M. Tedim, Lda. has always developed two complementary activities:

- Wholesale of construction materials

- Sale to the public of drugstore articles

Activities that continue to represent an important volume in the invoicing of the company.

With the development of the market and the consumer requirement including M. Tedim, Lda. was obliged to look for new markets and new materials, such as the specialization of the ceramic coatings sector, facing bricks and natural stones.

This Sector works as the engine of this company and that at this time is the main image of specialization and quality. M. Tedim, Lda. currently has adequate human and material resources, which allows it to develop with quality the provision of services in the various phases of the business process.

Our mission is to add value to our materials in an integrated and global way, supporting the current applications with competitiveness and differentiation, as well as acting in partnership with our suppliers with the aim of achieving, in "perfect harmony", the solutions to the needs and expectations of our customers.

Acting in distinct market segments: Private, Promoter, Reseller and small to large Builder, always striving for respect and ethics in all business relationships.